The Cost of Row Boats

A rowboat, when considering the factors in determining its price, can have many variables that change according to type and model, so we will analyze what these factors are as they influence the final cost:

Depending on the model, if it is brand new or used, the current condition and producer, the cost can range from an average of $600 US dollars to almost $40,000 dollars, and the main factor is the kind of boat that you are looking forward to buy. A boat that can fit eight people, plus a coxswain, will cost a whole lot more than a small one that fits only one person. If you are buying a rowboat that fits 4 or 8 people, which will be used in a club, for regattas (rowing races), you will also need to think over even more factors, such as the size of the club’s membership and how many rowers you will be willing to coach once inside the water.

Next, comes the producer brand of the rowboat. You will have to research the brands to compare between them what warranty and accessories each one of them provides, and the functionality offered, however, you may begin comparing by the average cost; the brands ”Empacher” and ”Filippi boats” tend to have a higher, more expensive cost of purchase, while the ”Janousek” brand is placed at a medium cost range, and two other brands, ”Swift Racing” and ”Wintech Racing”, generally average the lowest costs on the market.

And yet another factor that will determine a rowboat being more or less expensive than another model is if it is brand new; or if it’s used, the condition that it is in and also the age or manufacture date. A recommendation is that rowers who are beginning or who do not train with high frequency, are better off having an older, used boat. But for those who are experienced and professional rowers, and crews of rowers that are into fierce competition, a brand new boat is best. And if buying used, avoid buying from a club, as it will potentially have more wear and tear. Give preference to purchase from an individual, or directly from a builder that has one used available.

Some smaller factors can also influence the cost of the boat, such as the material the hull is built from, for example. Polyethylene and fiberglass are more inexpensive, but on the other hand, less tough and less impact-proof. Materials that are less expensive will suffer from more degradation by salt water conditions or sunlight.

With all that being said, rowboats can be quite expensive and are comparable to motor vehicles, for example. The bigger and newer it is, the price will be higher, and the smaller and older it is, the price will be lower. And just like vehicles, hiring insurance for your rowboat is highly recommended, as it will fully cover unfortunate events such as total loss from fire, accidental damage, and theft.