Rowing Snorkeling 

Rowing is our business here, but we want to make sure that everyone finds motivation and enjoyment from it.  So, we present different ways to find a love for rowing.  That includes snorkeling!

There’s nothing like snorkeling in azure waters on a calm summer day. For snorkeling aficionados, that is the definition of a perfect day. Most people only snorkel as tourists under the guidance of an expert, which is the best way to start snorkeling. However, the experienced snorkeling enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unexplored locations and privacy and a kayak is the best option for someone who is looking for a solo snorkeling experience.

A kayak is a very light canoe boat generally meant for one person and is perfect to carry a snorkeler’s paraphernalia and for rowing small distances into the sea, looking for ideal places to snorkel. The underwater landscape is every bit as, if not more, mesmerizing as the surface one. Snorkeling for many is a once in a lifetime experience while for a fortunate few, it’s a major part of life.

In order to go on a solo snorkeling trip, you must consider a lot of factors. In essence, snorkeling is an adventure sport and there’s always a chance of getting lost in the sea. The chance might be very slim but not one you would like to take. It’s always better to be prepared while embarking on a snorkeling trip on a kayak. The way you handle your equipment is the key to having fun underwater. Keep in mind that swimming and snorkeling is a very physically taxing activity.  Couple that with rowing a boat, and you could quickly become exhausted.  ALWAYS play it safe and only do these two activities (and activity in the water) if you’re totally confident that you can do it.  For a safer experience, always check with a doctor before undertaking any new physical activity.

It is always good to be prepared and equipped. You’ll need standard kayaking and snorkeling gear which includes a light kayak, paddling equipment, i.e. paddles, paddle leash, and a personal flotation device. Other required items are; a mask, fins and a snorkel. You will also require a waterproof bag and drinking water, along with a mooring buoy for when you find the right spot and go underwater. Make sure your paddle is securely fastened to your canoe when you are preparing to go under the surface. It is also advisable to keep your mask tied around your neck and to wear your fins while you’re rowing the boat. A kayak is a small canoe and the chances of it capsizing in rough waters are quite high.

The sun is also an element to be factored in. It’s not just the rays of the sun that you should be worried about but also the reflection from the sea. Any exposed body part will get sunburned, so make sure you have enough sunblock. If you have an underwater camera, ensure it doesn’t get wet while you’re on the boat because the sun will dry it up and the crystallized salt will get encrusted in its delicate mechanisms. All of your belongings should be tied to the boat in case it gets tipped over. You would also want to carry your belongings in boxes that float and are waterproof. Finally, don’t go out snorkeling alone when the sea is rough. It is also advisable to inform someone about your plans.

Snorkeling is risky business but that adds to its charm. If you take proper precautions then snorkeling from a kayak or a rowboat can be a very fun experience.