Basics of Learning Rowing recreation -Guide to Health and Happiness

Most people have never tried rowing although many have considered it. Regardless of whether you did it in college and you dropped it or if you never saw a sliding seat rowing boat’s time to consider rowing as a life option. The highest level of well-being and fitness, the rowing strengthens and makes the legs, shoulders, back, shoulders and abdomen more flexible, improves posture and strengthens the heart and lungs. Simultaneously with the condition of the whole body, which increases muscle mass while burning 600 calories per hour, rowing can relieve stress, lose weight and lower blood pressure.

Rowing for recreation is a great opportunity to enjoy the movement and the connection with the water during your free time with friends It can also be an opportunity to go beyond the limits you always thought possible. This is not a sport for ultra-adjustment, but as a beginner you must learn a bit of technique before doing too much and before starting to learn to paddle well enough to walk a reasonable distance, your body will be more efficient and able to take you at longer distances.

Rowing for recreation is done by two, four or eight people in a boat with a paddle. sculling It is one or more people in a boat with two oars. Sculling is the use of a paddle to propel a boat by moving the oars in the water on either side of the unit or by moving an oar through the stern. sculling is focused more since the loads on the body are more symmetrical and, therefore, have a much greater advantage than the unequal loads associated with rowing.

Where to Start

A rowing club is an obvious place, but your experience in sculling depends to a large extent on the club in which you are involved. Many clubs focus exclusively on rowing, you have to ride. If you can not get a commitment from someone at your local club, try the school or the camp. Internet searches will activate several, although you may need to travel remotely. Remember to get a school that deals with newcomers.

The last option is to do it yourself. Get a boat and go. It is easier than you think. Now there are many lifeboats that are ideal for beginners and easy to use, some are even equipped with learning pontoons that can be removed as soon as you take care of them. They can be reassembled if the water cools. Get a boat that is solid and easy to move. Light boats get used more often than heavy ones, but if the boat is easily damaged, it will spend hundreds of dollars to repair it each time.

Competitive and recreational rowing is unique compared to most sports, as they train all their major muscle groups. Everything from your legs, back and shoulders are involved in the rowing. In addition, rowing is a sport with a small impact. When performed correctly, the movement of paddling is a fairly safe movement, which provides little space for serious injuries that often occur in contact and sports with great impact.

To be a recreational rower, you must be skilled in the rowing boat, both for sweeps and swimming, taking care of yourself in risky circumstances and being dressed in your own life jacket. Personal insurance is needed for each person engaging in a recreational rowing trip activities.